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METAPHOR- Another stagefright

METAPHOR  - “NorthBit” is a Israeli software research company, claimed that it had properly exploited the Android bug and  is described as the "Worst Ever Discovered".

Stagefright is a multimedia playback library, which is written in C++. It is built inside the Android OS to process, record and play multimedia files such as videos.

Millions of Android users could be at risk from this 'Stagefright' flaw. Researchers claim to have made a working exploit that can remotely take control of a device and spy on victims within 10 seconds.

Metaphor give hackers the ability to inject malware that can copy, steal and delete data on the device, take over the smartphone's microphone, camera for spying purposes and even track a user's movements via GPS.


Victims are sent a message linking to a website containing a video file that crashes the phone's media software and force it to restart.

 Then, JavaScript on the page sends all known information about the device…